100% to the Projects

We have a special relationship with an anonymous company that helps us in a special way. It finances all of the administrative and marketing costs of Shining Hope.

Shining Hope submits a copy of the company’s books at the end of each financial year to comply with the charity Commission’s fiscal guidelines. These books, independently verified by Deloitte, show the list of expenses made throughout the year that were not charged to the partner. Shining Hope receives the exact amount that corresponds to all these expenses from this generous company.

We are very lucky to provide the certitude that every donation received is going directly towards humanitarian goals.


Financial Efficiency

The Shining Hope Foundation was created in July 2010. The charity strives to operate efficiently and to minimize fundraising and administrative costs. To maximize the impact of each donation, we only raise funds over the Internet. We allocate 100% of our expenditure to carefully-selected projects.


Financial Transparency and Accountability

Shining Hope Foundation maintains the very highest standards in financial accountability and transparency.

Our partners are evaluated by independent professional consultants to ensure they abide by the UK Charity Commission guidelines. Once selected, we provide them with a detailed budget, planned over at least three years that is regularly re-evaluated. The programme budgets are reviewed throughout the year to ensure they are implemented responsibly and in keeping with our goals.

Shining Hope Foundation’s Board of Directors carefully controls the use of all funds collected worldwide. It strives to allocate grants carefully, and only to those essential to projects based on detailed narrative and financial proposals. An external financial audit is conducted each year to control the expenses in the field. 

As a UK charity, Shining Hope Foundation is subject to the UK Charity Regulations, which includes special accounting standards (SORP) under the control of the Charity Commission. As well as giving a transparent picture of the full range of activities, we publish an activity report every year. All our donors can access the report on our website and the Charity Commission’s website.