A heartfelt reunion

Last November, on the 13th, Serge Saint-Arnoult, co-founder of Shinig Hope Foundation, met Valentino and Ilaria, who is the intermediate between Alice Project and Shining Hope Foundation. This heartfelt reunion was the opportunity to discuss about the future of the relationships between Alice Project and Shining Hope, define an operational plan and discuss about some various new projects.

Valentino and Serge

Creation of some other guest rooms at the Sarnath school
The creation of some other guest rooms at the Sarnath school would be a great way to implement the guesthouse project and to connect it to the new “training and reseach center project”. Valentino and Ilaria explained that the idea to create a training and research center come after the very positive experience of the residential training with the French group on last October. In addiction with the construction of the new school building, they were able to move most of the classes into that compound and free the compound where the Stupa in located. Valentino and Ilaria explained that they would like to create in that compound the training and research center and that the goal of this project is to make residential paid training about Alice Project methodology and philosophy, to invite expert from different fields to improve the knowledge of Alice Project and staff, to rent space to people interested to organize their own trainings and courses, to receive tourists to the guest house and also to host researchers to deepen and study the different aspects and implication of Alice Project educational methodology.
They underline that with this project they want to develop financial stability and self sufficiency through an organic project that will involve all the different aspects of Alice Project and also develop Alice Project education internationally. Already they are working to find out people that could be interested to be involved in this new project.

Including the pizzeria project in the larger project of guesthouse and training and research center.
Valentino and Ilaria explained that the pizzeria project did not fully start due to problems with FCRA that involved fully all the staff. For the new year the idea is to work more with the tourist group and already Alice started to contact them.

The Construction work at Bodhgaya School
Ilaria presented some pictures of the construction work for Bodhgaya.

Building a last school structure in Sarnath school
Valentino and Ilaria have explained the new proposal to build a new structure for the Sarnath school. The main reasons are to complete the organic restructuring of the whole structure in Sarnath and to make the definitive separation between the two compound (residential and training center compound and school compound, to have two different structures for primary and secondary school as is also required by Uttar Pradesh Governement and to have more classes accordingly to our goal to increase the number of the students in the near future.

New building of Sarnath school

Happy children in Sarnath

Support of Alice Project
After explaining the program and the strategies to develop Shining Hope Foundation during the coming years, Serge declared the intention to continue supporting Alice Project even after the end of the agreement for the years 2015-2018.

Joyful students!

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