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Save water

According to the Guardian, it takes 100 litres of water to produce a cup of coffee. And that’s before any water has actually been added to your coffee. We probably drank about 20 billion cups of coffee last year in the UK. And – irony of ironies – it takes something like four litres of water […]

The present moment

Come to a halt for a minute. Now. Yes, you can. Close your eyes. Appreciate the present moment. People tend to regret the past, to say “I should rather have acted in a different way…” People are also good at projecting themselves in the future “When I have more money… When I retire… When I […]

Advocacy for altruism

Advocacy for Altruism, the Strength of Kindness is the new book by Matthieu Ricard.   Matthieu will be making several appearances in France to support the occasion of its official release on September 19th 2013. He will be presenting in Lyon on September 20th, Chalon sur Saône on September 21st, Brantôme on September 22nd, Cannes […]

Conference on happiness

  A conference on happiness, adversity, the joy and challenge of life will be held in Brussels, Belgium from September 27-28, 2013.   Guest speakers, including Karuna-Shechen’s co-founder and president, Matthieu Ricard, Anne-Dauphine Julliand, Magda Hollander-Lafon, Michel Lacroix, Patrice Gourrier et Christophe André, will share their thoughts and reflections on how positivity can suprise us […]

Pay it Forward

In this film by Mimi Leder, one school assignment is about to have unprecedented positive consequences: think of something to change the world and put it into action. Trevor, the kid and heroin of the movie, conjures the notion of paying a favor not back, but forward–repaying good deeds not with payback, but with new […]

Another reason yet to meditate

According to Harvard Gazette, this is the first time that meditation has shown to affect emotional processing in the brain outside of a meditative state. Meditation practitioners can improve emotional stability and response to stress.   The meditation techniques used for this study consisted of mindful meditation (focuses on developing attention and awareness of breathing, […]

Produced to be disposed of

Appalling! In Europe, 50 % of sane food is squandered every year by households, supermarkets, restaurants, food-processing industries. On a global scale, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) assessed the weight of food waste to be around 30% of the food that’s purchased while 870 million people are suffering from malnutrition.   […]

Avocados… a steely defense

For too long banned from our plates under the pretext that this is a high-fat fruit which is bad for our cholesterol, would avocados be a source of benefit for our body, after all?   It is true that avocados have undeniable energy-giving virtues (as such, it perfectly suits sportsmen and children in full development), […]


What can be simpler than Happiness? It is often forgotten, but Happiness is at the very heart of our daily life. A smile, a laugh, a conversation, a song, a moment shared with one’s child, a cup of coffee or tea savoured in silence, the contemplation of a starry sky…   Try to identify the […]