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Another reason yet to meditate

According to Harvard Gazette, this is the first time that meditation has shown to affect emotional processing in the brain outside of a meditative state. Meditation practitioners can improve emotional stability and response to stress.   The meditation techniques used for this study consisted of mindful meditation (focuses on developing attention and awareness of breathing, […]

Produced to be disposed of

Appalling! In Europe, 50 % of sane food is squandered every year by households, supermarkets, restaurants, food-processing industries. On a global scale, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) assessed the weight of food waste to be around 30% of the food that’s purchased while 870 million people are suffering from malnutrition.   […]

Avocados… a steely defense

For too long banned from our plates under the pretext that this is a high-fat fruit which is bad for our cholesterol, would avocados be a source of benefit for our body, after all?   It is true that avocados have undeniable energy-giving virtues (as such, it perfectly suits sportsmen and children in full development), […]


What can be simpler than Happiness? It is often forgotten, but Happiness is at the very heart of our daily life. A smile, a laugh, a conversation, a song, a moment shared with one’s child, a cup of coffee or tea savoured in silence, the contemplation of a starry sky…   Try to identify the […]

New director of field operations

Karuna-Shechen, the projects we support in India, have welcomed a new head of field operations. Sanjeev Pradhan, previously worked as a manager and executive director in India, Nepal, and Bhutan in sectors ranging from corporate and agricultural to social and community development.   He has helped to create a housing co-operative for the elderly, provided […]

Vegetarian Week

            This week is the UK Vegetarian week. On this occasion, I wanted to share with you Matthieu Ricard’s opinion on vegetarianism.     Why don’t you try it? Here are a few tips and sources:   – Check out this calendar to find out what’s happening near you (UK […]

Launch of programs in new villages

After several years of intervention in twelve different villages around Bodhgaya, Bihar, our local partner in India is extending its reach to six new villages. With the support of Shining Hope Foundation, the team will bring access to health, education, and social services to eighteen villages in total, as well as Bodhgaya.   In order […]

The Art of Meditation

Watch this video where Matthieu Ricard explains how we can train our minds in habits of well-being.   You can find more information about meditation techniques and tools for well-being in his book ‘the Art of Meditation”: Amazon describes it as “A number one bestseller in France, this is an elegant and inspiring short guide to […]

Survey on children’s acute malnutrition

Nadine Donnet, from Karuna Shechen has conducted an evaluation of the acute malnutrition status of 650 children under 5 in the six new villages: Banda, Dema village, Dema 4 tolas, Kadal, Barsudi, Chando, Nawartari, and Meghubigha tola.   This report is dedicated to the mothers of the 18 villages that Karuna-Shechen support since many years, […]

New villages benefit from mobile clinics

The data below shows the profile of the six new villages that have been chosen to be part of our program interventions starting from the year 2013.   1. Chando Population =850 (130 households) Distance from main clinic = 37 kilometers   2. Kadal Population = 300 (55 households) Distance from main clinic = 45 […]