Back to Italy, Part Two


Tuesday, July 27th Valentino is finally back home after 6 years of absence. Waiting for him in Zero Branco’s home so many friends who are tied apart from the affection of interest and support for the Alice Project. In the afternoon there was a meeting to update and share ideas. There was talk of the situation in India, of developments, resources and difficulties, and people fund the space to exchange their point of views on some crucial points in the vision. There was a serene, enthusiastic, collaborative atmosphere. The line is to collaborate and join in so that everyone can contribute to a stronger and widespread project. India has passed the test of autonomy and has proven to be able to give much. The idea of ​​a peer exchange seemed not so far away. Italy was also talked about, although unfortunately the time was not enough to deepen. There are prospects for growth and affirmation of the Alice Project on Italian territory. The meeting was attended by Father Tiziano, an exponent of the Community of Rebuilders in the Prayer of La Spezia, interested in creating a structured project at their community.


Class 1976 almost complete to eat a pizza with teacher Giacomin. A special evening, where, after 30 years, one of the first classes with whom he experienced the method of Alice met his teacher. It was exciting to hear what’s left of those years. The image of a special teacher, with great empathy with his class. But this, even if it so much, is not enough. The ex pupils, now men and women, have recalled how that teacher gave them incredible tools: “Teacher do you remember when you were asking us to RIVIVERE the dreams?”; “And did he teach us the table in the garden? How much we laughed! “” And then the visualisation .. up to 27 numbers.

And then when I came home and spoke about  to my mother, she was worried about what we were doing! “.  Yes, because it was not easy at the time to introduce visualization, meditation, work on emotions, thoughts and speack about the nature of the mind. It was hard to make it understandable for parents. But then, as the former students tell, when they realized that their children were more peacefull and happy, they accepted and supported Alice Project. The question about what happened after was inevitable. Then the eyes began to shine even more.

We understood what the teacher taught us little by little, with the passing of years and experiences, we are still discovering this incredible treasure today.” Know how to deal with life from another perspective, know how to live and share with others, know how to stop and observe the mind, know how to deal with emotions, especially the most painful ones. And then the most extraordinary story. One of the former Valentino pupils has multiple sclerosis and, according toher, has been saved thanks to what he learned from the Alice Project. Thanks to the concentration and visualization power she has been able to activate vicarious areas of the brain and use them instead of the damaged areas. She has recovered mobility to the left arm and leg and memory.

It has become part of a research project, and doctors do not even know some of its capabilities. Only she and another American girl have this potential all over the world. It is thanks to the special programm done in class with my teacher Valentino, she explained clearly. “You know, meet each others for a dinner every years. We have lost the middle and upper classmates, but there is still a solid link between us“.  And in fact the peacefull and happy athmosphere, the laughter and the constructive and open exchange, very well restores the atmosphere that had to have been in the class of teacher Giacomin!

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