Back to Italy, Part Two

TUESDAY JUNE 27: RETURN AND MEET WITH THE “FRIENDS OF ALICE”. Tuesday, July 27th Valentino is finally back home after 6 years of absence. Waiting for him in Zero Branco’s home so many friends who are tied apart from the affection of interest and support for the Alice Project. In the afternoon there was a […]

Back to Italy, Part One

Valentino, on his return to Italy after 6 years of continued absence, was welcomed with an amazing affection and enthusiasm. Childhood friends, supporters of Alice Project and new people curious to know the Project through its founder, gathered to celebrate and partecipate to his return. The program was dense of intense emotions, difficult to explain […]
Teachers training at the Alice Project Sarnath

Teachers training at the Alice Project Sarnath

On 24th of June a teacher training workshop has been organized at Sarnath branch where more than 45 teachers from Sarnath and Bodhgaya schools have been participating. It has been the first time that the trainees and the trainers both have been totally independent and autonomous, free from … Western pressure and, sometimes, presumption. The […]

International Yoga day Celebration

Recently on 21st of June on the occasion of International Yoga day a Yoga workshop was organized at the Alice Project School. All the teachers, residential students and local people participated in it. Here we are sending you some images of the event. All the participants had a wonderful time together. The program was very […]
Happy students during the school games

Excellent results in the state level exams!

Recently the U.P. Government published the results of State Board Exams for class X and XII. This year there was no chance to cheat or copy. The controls were very strict. In spite of this, the students of Alice Project got brilliant results compared to other schools. 95.5 % of our students class XII passed […]

Alice is on the front page today!

It was a great honor to Mr. Valentino Giacomin and the Alice Project, that several Italian newspapers wrote about the success of the Alice Project and its adventure in all these years. Dedicating his honor to the Alice Project Students Mr. Valentino says: “We dedicated this honor to our students of Alice who don’t have […]
Valentino Giacomin

Retreat of Mr. Valentino

We would like to share that Mr. Valentino is doing a special retreat called Nuy Ne in France.  It will last for seven months. The purpose of the practice is: of course the personal benefit but the reason which is higher than his personal benefit is for the Alice Project to remove obstacles and interference. […]

A Success for Alice Schools

These students brought a good reputation to our school, ranking among the finest of all schools in the Sarnath and Varanasi area of the X-State Exams. This demonstrates the power of meditation integrated into the normal school curriculum. Spiritualizing the school does not mean to waste time, but to help students gain a double success: […]

A moving testimony by a friend of Alice

A moving testimony by a friend (sponsor) of Alice, after the meeting at my village of Zero Branco. Dear Valentino, I have not made myself alive so I do not load too much the box of your mail, but I can not really shut up. What about these days so intense and rich that you […]
Erika, first on the left

Greetings from the school to Erika

Greetings from the school to Erika, a guest who wanted to know India living  in  contact  with  our  students.  She  chose  to  explore  the  philosophy of  Alice  Project, teaching English and editing our books that have not been published yet: a precious and qualified contribution that enriches our catalog of new titles. I learned more […]