A moving testimony by a friend of Alice

A moving testimony by a friend (sponsor) of Alice, after the meeting at my village of Zero Branco. Dear Valentino, I have not made myself alive so I do not load too much the box of your mail, but I can not really shut up. What about these days so intense and rich that you […]
Erika, first on the left

Greetings from the school to Erika

Greetings from the school to Erika, a guest who wanted to know India living  in  contact  with  our  students.  She  chose  to  explore  the  philosophy of  Alice  Project, teaching English and editing our books that have not been published yet: a precious and qualified contribution that enriches our catalog of new titles. I learned more […]
Student and wise rabbit

The residential students of Alice Project

The residential students are doing well. 5 of them appeared in the board examinations this year. Three of them: Suneel, Masoom and Rinchen were in class X, while the other two Amar and Kappin were in class XII. After the exams they have the plan to go back to their villages to meet their parents […]

New Lab for Students and Games at School!

Construction of new laboratories for the students We are very happy to share with you that the new laboratories for the senior high school students are under construction. We have planned to make three laboratories for them, the work has started and soon it will be completed. Games at the School After the exams we […]
Teachers and students during the fire puja

Alice project organizes a 5 kundiya Gayatri Maha yajna

On 15th  April 2017 Alice project organized a 5 kundiya Gayatri Maha Yajna (fire puja) for world peace, wellbeing of all the sentient beings and universal brotherhood. Under the  guidance of the Acharyas from Gayatri Shakti Peeth this auspicious mantra was chanted for 125.000 times by all the students and the teachers of the schools […]

Meditation and Agriculture

Let us show you some beautiful pictures of Alice students showing that children successfully combine meditation and agriculture work. All area of land are full with vegetables: tomatoes, beans and other delicious seasonal vegetables!

This much!

Dear friends, what do you think of this picture? Actually there is a very short story behind it. On 31st of March the results were declared at the Alice Project School. On that day one of our teachers found this girl with shining face. Her smile attracted him and out of curiosity he asked her, […]
Girl at Good Luck Ceremony

Good Luck Ceremony

On 4th March the school organized a farewell for the students of class X and XII. Actually instead of saying a farewell ceremony, we call it the good luck ceremony. Because we believe that there is never a farewell for a student form his/her school. The students are always welcome to the school and they […]
Sanjai Yogi

The Story of Sanjay

We used to call him Sanjay Jailer but now we call him Sanjay Yogi. We found him in the juvenile house; where he was brought as an orphan. As we found him from the juvenile house and after he was brought here after a long struggle, and we had some other Sanjays here, so we […]

Growing Alice Project

The construction of 6 new classrooms for senior high school students and repairing of the classrooms of the junior students is going on. After the fire incident in 2014 the classrooms of the junior students were damaged and their repairing was highly necessary. Thanks to the Alice Project friends and supporters, Fondazione Zanetti, who sent […]