Survey on children’s acute malnutrition

Nadine Donnet, from Karuna Shechen has conducted an evaluation of the acute malnutrition status of 650 children under 5 in the six new villages: Banda, Dema village, Dema 4 tolas, Kadal, Barsudi, Chando, Nawartari, and Meghubigha tola.   This report is dedicated to the mothers of the 18 villages that Karuna-Shechen support since many years, […]
Villages in Bihar

New villages benefit from mobile clinics

The data below shows the profile of the six new villages that have been chosen to be part of our program interventions starting from the year 2013.   1. Chando Population =850 (130 households) Distance from main clinic = 37 kilometers   2. Kadal Population = 300 (55 households) Distance from main clinic = 45 […]
Top 100 NGOs ranking worldwide

Barefoot College selected in top 100 NGOs

The Global Journal article below published the first ever top 100 NGOs worldwide:   You may find the full article here.   GENEVA – The Global Journal is proud to announce the release of its inaugural ‘Top 100 Best NGOs’ list. The first international ranking of its kind, this exclusive in-depth feature will no doubt stimulate debate, […]

Happiest man alive!

Matthieu Ricard is the world’s happiest man, according to researchers. His brain scans reveal abnormally large capacity for joy, thanks to meditation.   Here is the article from the Daily Mail:   Brain scans reveal Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard has largest capacity for happiness ever recorded Meditation ‘completely changes your brain and therefore changes what you […]

Varial Exhibit

The exhibit at the Buddha Bar Paris of the photographer Varial will kindly donate a percentage of the photographs sold to the Shining Hope Foundation.   We will be there for the event held on the 23rd 2012, and the show will be up from the 24th of October until the 20th of November 2012. […]

2011 Annual report

Here is a review of project activities, outcomes, and financial expenditures for the period July 2011 until and including December 2011.   Progress-report_July-December-2011   28/09/2012