Nepal Earthquake: April 2015

SATURDAY, APRIL 25 – TUESDAY, APRIL 28: – A skeleton medical team manned the Shechen Clinic and Hospice in Baudha in rotation and managed triage. – The doctors and other medical staff are mobilized in their own residential localities to address emergency needs there. This is normal procedure and they were prepared for it.  In a disaster, doctors […]

Interview of Nepal field director

Sanjeev Pradhan is Karuna-Shechen’s Director of Field Operations and Nepal Country Director. He has been coordinating our relief effort in Nepal since the earthquake struck on Saturday April 25. In this interview, he explains how Karuna-Shechen is helping those affected by this terrible tragedy.   What was Karuna-Shechen’s intitial response ?In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake […]

Nepal earthquake relief operation short and long-term

Karuna-Shechen has followed the pyramidal pattern that begins with a core operation and then rapidly spirals into a wide-spread delivery mechanism. They successfully managed a near million-dollar Nepal program with 4 core Karuna staff. This is only possible with effective networking and partnering.  After having secured the Boudhanath area, which was the core designated priority […]

Relief in Nepal

The Shechen medical Clinic and the nearby Shechen Monastery have not suffered any major damage. This means that they have been able to assist the injured and shelter the homeless. All casualties in the area around the Shechen clinic were rushed to the nearest trauma centers and, as planned, Shechen Monastery compound is now a […]

Emergency for Nepal

DONATE TO KARUNA-SHECHEN All donations received over the next 30 days will be directed towards the relief efforts to help earthquake victims in Nepal. Established in Kathmandu through the Shechen clinic, its mobile medical clinics and camps, Karuna-Shechen has a team of professionals on the ground that is trained and ready to help the victims of  this […]

Yoga for children

In India, as part of our education program, we conduct regular physical education and yoga classes for underprivileged children from isolated Bihar villages. And they love it! More than 500 children participate in our classes. Check out this short video of one our physical education classes.   Children taking part in our yoga classes and enjoying themselves: This […]

Access to education

Did you know? In India, we run two small informal primary schools in the villages of Masuribar and Dema, Bihar. They are completely free and offer holistic elementary education to 135 underpriviledged children. We opened both schools in 2014 and call them “Babua” schools as a reference to the loving nickname given to children in this part of the world. […]

From darkness to light

Good news from India! The 220 solar sets from Barefoot College have arrived at our office in Bodhgaya. They will soon be installed in the villages of Kadal, Barsuddi and Chando by two of our local solar engineers Lakshmi Devi and Puja Devi.