New healthcare service in Jarkhand

Karuna-Shechen, India launched its healthcare activities in Jharkhand with a 4-day long Medical Clinics from 21st-24th September in the villages of Barakunabera, Bharatpur, Batarbera and Sosomali at Rajnagar block, surrounding the city of Jamshedpur. It was a dream come true for the villagers who suffer from dearth of access to basic medical facilities and medicines. […]

How to reduce your water footprint

Here are some tips to reduce your water footprint in ways you never imagined: – Check out what you eat, all animal-products consume a huge amount of water to produce, so try vegetarian or vegan. Here are tips some to start. – Check out what you drink: beer and soft drinks actually require water to […]

Dema: Pilot Village for sustainability

Dema is one of the many villages that Karuna-Shechen helps in India. Our work in this village is an accurate example of how your donations can transform entire communities and lift thousands of women, men, and children out of poverty. Located in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states, Dema village is made up of 16 communities with […]

Teacher training for toys and games

On our visit in Bodhgaya, we had the chance to attend the teacher training for toys and games, given by Jennifer from Inter’Lude. Inter’Lude fundamentally believes that all assisted populations must become actors of their own development. That is why they draw specific attention to providing training to our local partners, especially the people in […]

Alice Project – Universal Education

We arrived at Alice Project School in Sarnath near Varanasi on Tuesday afternoon and stayed over for the night. We had a fantastic welcome by Sudakar and the 26 resident children. Some of these children were from a Himalyan tribe known as Monpa and the others were Chakmas, aged between 4 and 18, refugees from Arunachal […]

Into the life of Bihari women

  On our visit to Dema, near Bodhgaya, we have met the group of around twenty women studying Non-Formal Education (NFE). These women have never gown to school and they are now learning to read and write. They read the local newspaper daily and discuss it together. We had an interesting exchange with them.   […]

Welcome Jennifer!

Jennifer is a volunteer who recently arrived in Bodhgaya, India, to oversee the development of our Early Childhood project. This program was launched in January in partnership with the French association Inter’Lude. The program provides training sessions for childcare workers in under-served isolated villages in the district of Gaya.  We teach them how to organize […]