Emergency for Nepal


All donations received over the next 30 days will be directed towards the relief efforts to help earthquake victims in Nepal.

Established in Kathmandu through the Shechen clinic, its mobile medical clinics and camps, Karuna-Shechen has a team of professionals on the ground that is trained and ready to help the victims of  this disaster.

Our team is already working to assess the situation and long-term needs to help the local population in the aftermath of this tragedy .


Karuna-Shechen has been working in Nepal since 2000. Through the Shechen Medical Clinic and the Mobile Medical Clinics and Camps, they offer essential health services to some of the most vulnerable and destitute communities in the Kathmandu region. They also support many schools in remote rural villages.

The Shechen Medical Clinic and the nearby Shechen Monastery have not suffered any major damage. We have been able to use these facilities to assist the injured and shelter the homeless.

All casualties in the area around the Shechen Clinic were rushed to the nearest trauma centers. The Shechen clinic does not act as a trauma center, but as a triage center for assessing injury severity. 

Our doctors and medical staff have been mobilized and are working around the clock to address emergencies in different parts of the city.

Shechen Monastery compound is now a shelter and medical first aid center for anyone needing such assistance. Food and water are being provided by the Monastery to the thousands of people that have been sheltered there.

The professional team is currently assessing the situation to provide emergency and long-term assistance to the communities most affected by this tragedy. 

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