Growing Alice Project

The construction of 6 new classrooms for senior high school students and repairing of the classrooms of the junior students is going on.

After the fire incident in 2014 the classrooms of the junior students were damaged and their repairing was highly necessary.

Thanks to the Alice Project friends and supporters, Fondazione Zanetti, who sent their immense help, we are now making rooms ready for thestudents.
While 6 new rooms together with laboratories are under construction, we are very muchhopeful that the school is going to the affiliation of plus two in the few months. So these rooms will be very helpful for our senior high school student. We thank the Shining Hope
Association for the construction of the 6 new classrooms. Not only for this, also for involving in the Alice Project deeply, and promising to help us in future also.

Classrooms before repairingClassrooms after repairing

The classrooms before repairing and after

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