Nepal Earthquake: April 2015


– A skeleton medical team manned the Shechen Clinic and Hospice in Baudha in rotation and managed triage.

– The doctors and other medical staff are mobilized in their own residential localities to address emergency needs there. This is normal procedure and they were prepared for it.  In a disaster, doctors and medical personnel, apart from those manning trauma centers in hospitals, are expected to be mobilized in their own localities, so as not to lose time in responding to medical emergencies, or unnecessarily complicated logistics.


– All injured in the area around the Shechen Clinic have been attended to. Some doctors are now relieved from their emergency assignments in their localities. They are now trying to reach remote villages.

5– They have organized a first medical clinic at Chilaune village in Kathmandu district. The houses in the village are badly damaged and the villagers suffered many injuries. They treated a total of 130 patients.

– Members of the Karuna-Shechen medical team treated victims in Sankhu


– Two medical teams have been dispatched to Nikoshera village in Bhaktapur district. Devastation is massive in this area.

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– Many villagers have been sleeping outside in temporary shelters.

– They have treated villagers for: earthquake-related injuries, deep cuts, diarrhea (because of a lack of access to clean water), tonsillitis, cough and cold due to cold nights spent outside, and severe mosquito bites (from sleeping outside without mosquito nets).

– Patients that required more advanced care were sent to appropriate medical facilities.

RELIEF AID reaching villages

– Shechen Monastery dispatched a medical team consisting of 3 doctors and 10 monks, including the Advanced First Aiders trained by Karuna-Shechen, and an earthquake relief team to Nuwakot district, where many rural villages have seen no medical or relief help arrive. 

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