Nepal Earthquake: May 2015


– A medical team reached the remote village of Chilaune in Dhading district. They are also treating people from the surrounding villages of Kakre and Karki Gau. Villagers in this area had not yet received any medical help.

– Houses in these villages have suffered extensive damage and the food supply is very low.

village earthquake

– Another medical team reached Bansngopal in Bhaktapur district.


– One of Karuna-Shechen’s medical teams has managed to reach villages in Dhading district to treat earthquake victims. In this district, 90% of the houses are severely damaged and villagers are living in makeshift shelters.

– Another of Karuna-Shechen’s medical teams managed to reach Gurung Gau in the Kathmandu valley to help victims in this area.

-The Shechen Monastery’s medical and earthquake relief team has reached Sumari in Nuwakot district. They treated 400 victims.

– The monks also distributed food (rice, lentils, flour, biscuits and packed noodles) to the villagers who had lost all their food supplies in the earthquake.


– One of Karuna-Shechen’s medical teams is in Alapot village.

– Another Karuna-Shechen team is in Teku slums: though Teku slums has suffered minimal damage and casualty, many people there were actually in need of urgent medical help


– Karuna-Shechen, in partnership with LOOKS Nepal, a local NGO operating in the Kavre district, distributed relief materials to families living in temporary shelters in the village of Ugratara (Kavre district):  rice, lentils, salt, soap, and rehydration sachets.


– Two of our  medical teams  worked in medical camps we established in Alapot and the nearby area of Suntari Gagalphadi. Both areas have suffered extensive damage from the earthquake.



– Medical teams have been dispatched to Jharuwarasi in the Lalitpur district and Indrayani in the Kathmandu district.

– Food and relief aid is being distributed to families in Mahindrajyoti VDC (Kavre District).

Food distribution Nepal Quake


A major earthquake has struck eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest, two weeks after more than 8,000 died in a devastating quake.


– In partnership with local NGOs and grassroots organizations, Karuna-Shechen is  bringing essential medical, food and shelter assistance to remote communities and villages affected by the earthquake.

– They are focusing our relief efforts on small isolated villages:

– The mobile medical teams are deployed to two locations daily.

– They are in the process of delivering relief and food aid to 580 households/families in isolated villages in the Kavre, Dhading, and Kathmandu districts.

MAY 6 – MAY 15, 2015

The relief efforts consist of :
Medical Aid (Free consultations, treatments and medicine)
Distribution of food (rice, lentils, salt, pulse, red kidney beans, biscuits, dalmot, packed noodles, packets of oral rehydration solution)
Distribution of materials (tarpaulin tents, mats, blanket, soap)

List of Villages/communities reached by:

Karkite village (Kathmandu district)
Bageshwori (Bhaktapur district)
Jyamira village(Sindhupalchwk district)
Alapot village (Kathmandu district)
Gurju Dhara (Kathmandu)
Dad Phedi (Nuwakot district)
Magaltar (Kavre district)
Old Age Home in Swayumbhu (Kathmandu district)
Subedi Gau (Kathmandu district)
Vajra Yogini , Sanku (Kathmandu district)
Sudal (Bhaktapur district)
Kirtipur Kathmandu district)

Karkite (Kathmandu district)
Kur Gauand Danda Kateri (Kavre district)
Kaichalpani (Gorkha district)
Roshi Bimkhori (Kavre district)
Sarki Gau (Kavre district)
Waltzing Tare village (Kavre district)
Chilaune, Kakri and Gauri Gua (Dhading)

SHECHEN MONASTERY TEAMS (implementing partner):
Sangbari (Sindhuplachok)
Dara Gaun (Rasuwa district)
Semjong (Dhading district)
Lungurpa (Sindupalchok)
Dara Gaun (Rasuwa district)
Kaichalpani Village (Gorkha)
Laharapauwa (Rasuwa district)
Simle (NUwakot)
Lethal and Yarcha (Sindhupalchok district)
Parchange Gau (Rashuwa district)
Gau Kharka (NUwakhot district)
Bintang (Nuwakot district)
Matthelo Kattika (Nuwakot district)
Phulpingkot (Nuwakot district)

LOOKS Nepal (implementing partner)
Kur Gau and Danda Kateri (Shyampati, Kavre district)
Rossi Bimkhori (Kavre district)
Sarki Rau (Kavre)
Waltzing tare (Kavre distirct)

MAY 15, 2015

Thanks to the support and donations, since the first earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th, they have been able to provide lifesaving relief aid to 84 villages, helping 17,369 people, including many children.


The teams and implementing partners on the ground have continued to reach isolated villages to help vulnerable communities. They are bringing medical and relief aid to victims and survivors of the earthquakes and aftershocks.



Many of the villages we are helping are very remote. They are located in some of the worst affected districts and are very difficult to access. For this reason, the teams are often the first ones to reach them since the first quake.  These villages have suffered extensive damage. Many families are sleeping outside in very poor conditions and are in urgent need of medical care and relief materials.




MAY 25, 2015

Nepal continues to be rocked by up to five aftershocks each day. They cause dry landslides, blocking access to roads and hampering relief operations. But despite these challenges, we have been able to successfully pursue our relief efforts and, with your donations, help some of the most isolated and vulnerable communities.

In collaboration with other local organisations and volunteers from the communities we help, they have now reached 165 villages and directly helped 41,762 people in 11 affected districts(Sindupalchok, Rasuwa, Gorkha, Dhading, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kavre, Nuwakot, Ramechhap and Dolakha).

The relief efforts consist of :
Medical Aid through our mobile medical clinics
Distribution of food (rice, lentils, salt, pulse, red kidney beans, biscuits, dalmot, packed noodles, packets of oral rehydration solution etc.)
Distribution of relief materials (tarpaulin tents, mats, blanket, soap etc.)

Latest pictures from the field:


Nepal relief



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