Nepal earthquake relief operation short and long-term

Karuna-Shechen has followed the pyramidal pattern that begins with a core operation and then rapidly spirals into a wide-spread delivery mechanism. They successfully managed a near million-dollar Nepal program with 4 core Karuna staff. This is only possible with effective networking and partnering. 

After having secured the Boudhanath area, which was the core designated priority area in case of such a disaster situation, 2 mobile medical teams have begun to reach out every day to other affected areas of districts in the outside periphery of the Kathmandu valley. They normally have only 1 mobile medical team, but they have raised an additional team as all holidays and leave have been cancelled for 30 days and all medical staff will be on duty every day. The base is the Shechen Clinic and Hospice, which is essentially medical out patient department clinic providing basic medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment (it is not a trauma center or specialty medical center).

The clinic’s entire senior medical staff consists of part time doctors who dedicate their “social” time to us, and the rest to their own profession elsewhere. So this is a contribution from them which calls for appreciation. The mobile medial team has already conducted 12 mobile medical emergency clinics in 10 sites in 4 districts, treating 1,553 patients.

Earthquake relief materials and food has begun moving into affected villages. They have already provided/providing relief materials and food in affected rural areas of 3 districts, to 878 families with 4981 members, many of whom are children and the elderly. To deliver this, apart from using their own internal capacity they have worked with 3 local groups/organizations.

This relief activity is going to snowball as our outreach capability, with the help of other local groups and organizations coming into the network, increases day by day.

nepal earthquake

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