Happy students during the school games

New Lab for Students and Games at School!

Construction of new laboratories for the students

We are very happy to share with you that the new laboratories for the senior high school students are under construction. We have planned to make three laboratories for them, the work has started and soon it will be completed.

Games at the School

After the exams we organized games for our students, where students of all the classes participated in several games like race, long jump, high jump, slow race… Actually, the reason why we organized these games at the school is very interesting.

Some of our friends, said that it seems that our students are good in studying and meditating, but what about games and other physical activities? Wonderful results were found out. We found that the practice of Yoga and meditation helped the students to be more aware and concentrate and they could easily get their goal. You can see here in the images how concentrate and happy they were.

Students participating in slow race

Students participating in slow race

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