A time for giving

A time for giving On our wish list this Christmas is a new x-ray machine for the Bodhgaya Clinic     Dear Friends,  Christmas is a time of miracles and wonder and you too can be part of that. If you can spare just a few pounds you can save lives. But see for yourself: […]

Lakhan Kumar, the Motivator for Gopal Khera

Meet Lakhan Kumar, who is the Motivator for Gopal Khera village. A Motivator is a person, male or female who lives in the village and will tell the villagers about the different projects organised by Karuna Shechen and the direct benefits to the villagers.  Motivators have a very important role to play in the whole […]

Illiterate women press release

UK charity provides opportunity for rural women to light up their world   Shining Hope Foundation Press Release A UK based charity has given three illiterate women form remote villages in Bihar, North East India, a life changing opportunity to introduce  a life-changing opportunity to introduce reliable solar powered electricity in their communities in order […]

The Asian Today article

‘Shining Hope provides opportunity for rural women to light up their world’. Fantastic article in ‘The Asian Today’ online news about the solar grandmother project Shining Hope is supporting. Read full article here      

Community Newswire article

We are delighted to report that through Community Newswire, the regional editor of Press Association (UK’s national news agency),  has written up the story of the solar grandmothers. ‘Women trained in solar engineering’ To read full article click here    

Asian Image article

‘Women in rural Indian village train as Solar Engineers’. The wonderful story of our Solar Grandmothers published in Asian Image(online). For full article click here    

Shining Hope on the field in India

Shining Hope founders, Serge, Marie and Astrid Saint Arnoult recently travelled to the Schechen Medical Center, Bodhgaya, India to look at what has been achieved since Shining Hope started supporting Karuna-Shechen in September 2012.  Serge Marie and Astrid were all impressed with how the projects are managed and delighted to see the amazing work accomplished […]

Non Formal Education for illiterate women

Non formal education (NFE) is for illiterate women who have had little or no formal schooling. The idea is to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills. Something as simple as this can enable a woman to seek employment and open her own back account. There are 18 non-formal education centres organised by Karuna-Shechen.   We […]

New member of the Shining Hope team

Shining Hope Foundation has recently appointed Vanessa Challinor as Communications Associate. She joins from the European Commission.   Vanessa brings with her over eight years’ experience in communications and journalism. She has travelled all around Asia and lived in Hong Kong and later in Vietnam where she worked on various humanitarian projects in the field […]

World Vegan Month

Celebrate World Vegan Month This November   The month of November is celebrated around the globe as World Vegan Month, an opportunity for people to consider the food they consume and the suffering it causes to animals.  The month was chosen to commemorate the founding of the world’s first Vegan Society in 1944.   Many […]