It’s not just about light

Tilonia, a remote village in Rajasthan, India, is home to the Barefoot College, set up by Bunker Roy forty years ago. Women of all ages travel to the college from all over the world – from Ivory Coast to Comoros, Honduras to Togo, Indonesia to Panama – to become solar engineers. They are selected in […]

Solar Grandmothers

Solar Grandmothers: Lighting up their worlds…   Imagine you are a women living in rural India…someone who has never left the confines of your own village…   Imagine that for light, you must rely on kerosene, a substance harmful to human health, or burn firewood, a practice detrimental to the environment…   Sadly, this is […]

Tuberculosis patient

Nageshwar Manjhi, a smallholder farmer of Rampur village, approached Shechen clinic for treatment. He was extremely weak and emaciated. The doctor suspecting tuberculosis asked him to go for x-ray, sputum and blood tests at our laboratory. He was tested positive for Pulmonary TB and underwent DOT treatment at our DOT centre in the Shechen clinic. […]

IT student

Chandni Kumari, an undergraduate student, has joined the 6 month long DTP course at our newly launched computer training program. She says that previously she was totally computer illiterate and whenever she saw her friends and classmates working on or discussing computers she would feel a severe lack of self-confidence. But now after a few […]

Girl Day

International Day of the Girl Child   Each year, International Day of the Girl Child is marked on the 11th October, an opportunity to recognise girls’ rights and the unique challenges that they face around the world, each and every day.  This year’s Day focused on “Innovation for Girls’ Education”.   A girl’s right to […]

World Animal Day

World Animal Day, celebrated on 4th October began life in Florence, Italy in 1931 at an ecological conference.  Since then the day has grown to become a truly global event, with launches, seminars, exhibitions and festivals taking place on every continent.   The day is designed to celebrate all of the world’s animals, their relationship with […]

World Day for Farmed Animals

World Day for Farmed Animals took place on Wednesday 2nd October.  This annual event was founded in 1983 to raise awareness of the extent that animals are used to produce food for human consumption.  The Day also looks at the, at times, appalling welfare and exploitation of animals, and looks to end the use of animals […]

Hutan news: orangutan bridges

Early September, Nick and Debbi (from Chester Zoo) spent two weeks in Sukau to assist in our efforts to reconnect isolated orangutan populations. Two bridges built using the webbing material from Chester were erected above two tributaries to allow for the animals to cross what had became an impassable barrier following the destruction of large […]