More News of Alice Project

Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche’s Dhamma Teaching at Sarnath The teaching of dharma commenced from 8th Dec,2016 to till 18th December at Vajra Vidya Institute, Sarnath. Around 40 of our students (including all the residential students who are buddhists and class-IX students who are hindus) and teachers attended the special teaching of Venerable Rinpoche. The very […]

Construction works in Sarnath for Alice Project

New school building The 3rd floor of the new building in the next campus is under construction and soon it will be completed. The laborers are working on daily basis so as to make the quick completion of the building. Guest House floor The operation of covering the ground floor of guest house with ceramic […]

The wasps

Yesterday our resident students went on pilgrimage, 40 km from Sarnath. There is a place where Buddha meditated and gave teaching. All were happy after making prayers and prostration in the holy place. After eating the lunch, a group of students decided to explore the forest around and someone had the idea to climb a […]

Alice Project Christmas Letter

  Alice is now an adult, according to the past parameter of the age of majority. 21 years old! 21 candles to mark a long and sometimes difficult path. From the 75 initial students to the 1100 present ones. From the tiny three-classroom school building in Sarnath to the present three-school structures. The schools are […]

Training female rickshaw drivers

SUGIYA, OUR FIRST DRIVER Sugiya Devi is the first electric rickshaw driver  trained and employed by Karuna-Shechen. She is from Bodhgaya, Bihar, where 40% of the population live under the poverty line and only 34% of women are literate. Before becoming a driver, Sugiya’s life was difficult and hard as she struggled to provide food for […]

Nepal newsfeed: June 2015

JUNE 1ST, 2015 The relief operations are still in full swing. Karuna-Shechen is continuing to reach as many remote villages as possible to help isolated communities in desperate need of medical, relief and food aid. Nepal continues to be rocked daily by 3-4 aftershocks and many districts are still affected by small landslides. As a […]

Building community toilets in Indian Villages

Did you know? Half of India’s population of 595 million people does not have access to toilets. As a result, they have no choice but to defect outside. This practice puts millions of people, children in particular, at risks of contracting diseases, such as hepatitis. Furthermore, when women and girls relieve themselves outside, they may […]

Nepal Earthquake: May 2015

FRIDAY, MAY 1ST: – A medical team reached the remote village of Chilaune in Dhading district. They are also treating people from the surrounding villages of Kakre and Karki Gau. Villagers in this area had not yet received any medical help. – Houses in these villages have suffered extensive damage and the food supply is very low. […]