The wasps

Yesterday our resident students went on pilgrimage, 40 km from Sarnath. There is a place where Buddha meditated and gave teaching. All were happy after making prayers and prostration in the holy place. After eating the lunch, a group of students decided to explore the forest around and someone had the idea to climb a rock with friends for a memory picture.
The camera had the flash working by mistake and this disturbed a nest of wasps that immediately swung into action in battle formation.
Boys and girls began to run for their lives, crying for help. Almost all the students have been stung by the furious wasps. Finally, they found a solution: jumping and immerging inside the cold water of a pond. The wasps followed them and went on stinging when the children were forced to surface to breathe.
“It was a really scaring experience!” they said. But it was also a time when a senior student has shown courage and heroism, trying to save and protect with his body the little girls and boys from the angry insects. The senior boy, instead of running to save himself, tried to chase away the wasps with his clothes,
bravely enduring dozens of bites.
There was someone who tried to fight the wasps with the … force of prayer. “I started reciting Tara’s prayer”, he said. “Was it working?” I asked. “Yes, the swaps have saved me!”. “You were lucky!” “Yes, I was. But they attacked me when my prayer was over!” he said laughing.
What the student said made me to remember a moving story.
Once upon a time, a storm of wasps attacked the people of a village. There were thousandths angry insects stinging everyone, included animals.
When the battle was over, many people had to be taken to hospital. Very few had been saved from the fury of the wasps. One of them was a young boy, who was very proud to be atheist. When the wasps attacked his house, his mother run in front of Schiva statue. She prayed the Lord with all her heart. In spite of this, she badly injured by the wasps. Her son teased her. “Look the result of your prayers! You were almost killed by the wasps!” he laughed.
The mother smiled and said: “I was not praying for me, but for you and other villagers!”


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