Alice is on the front page today!

It was a great honor to Mr. Valentino Giacomin and the Alice Project, that several Italian newspapers wrote about the success of the Alice Project and its adventure in all these years.

Dedicating his honor to the Alice Project Students Mr. Valentino says: “We dedicated this honor to our students of Alice who don’t have much physical well-being, but they are rich spiritually and humanely.”

A new thesis on Alice Project methodology

A new thesis has been published about the Alice Project methodology, which has been conducted by the well-known Italian University “UNIVERSITA DEL SALENTO”

Expressing his gratitude to the writer, Mr. Valentino says: “Congratulations to the grad student and, a little, also to us of Alice that have managed (for several years) to enter the Italian universities thanks to intelligent students, open, brave and also thanks to their teachers, who have agreed to accompany students in Easy Search For Alice’s path.

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