Alice Project Conference in Trieste

On September 20, Gloria Germani presented to Ilaria, Agata Montevecchi (The responsibles for the Friuli NGO) and Valentino to the friends interested to know about Alice Project and engaged in the research of alternative forms of education.

On the 21st of September, Valentino, Ilaria and Agata met a group of teachers and parents of the small village of Barcola, in the province of Trieste. Valentino illustrated the basic concepts of Alice’s research, stimulating a heated debate among the audience who agreed with both the methodology and philosophical vision proposed by Alice.

Here’s the comment of Laura De Bortoli, the conference organizer:  “The woman who left the money for Valentino’s was Elena. She has been with Don Elio (who passed away six months ago) for the last 18 years. She just had to leave before the end of the conference and asked to me to thank you with all her heat. She said, “Valentino is really a wonderful and charismatic man!I add my heartfelt thanks for leaving her with a smile full of love and joy that I did not see since long time. And not only smile was in her face. To give the hope for a better world is not something small. Thank you so much for everything. The topic of the conference was defined “interesting” by all the people who were present; so people from every level of culture and age appreciated it. They requested to be informed about other possible meetings. Everyone was so excited. Thanks to Valentino for having shared with us all the educational method of Alice Project. Thanks Ilaria, Agata and all the participants … Thanks for this wonderful trip into the Alice’s world! “

Elena Vogrini: “Beautiful experience! Great person and great organizer! I hope to have another conference soon! “

Photo: Laura De Bortoli, Valentino and  Agata Montevecchi


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