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A new development project begins

Thanks to the support of Shining Hope and the local partner ASEO, an association to support the education of orphans in Cameroon, the three-year project for the construction of the orphanage in the central region of the Cameroon, has begun. Thanks to all the employees and volunteers who worked all day until the water arrived […]

Warka Village Bibambi II: work in progress

The construction of the fourth Warka House on the Pygmy site in Kribi, Cameroon is in progress. This is using local materials such as woven raffia leaves, wood, raffia bamboos, creepers etc. At the same time, we start with the installation of the posts of the fifth Warka House. Finally the internal structure of Warka […]

A plant for the future of the Earth

“A very small but important initiative, maybe it’s just a 0.000001% contribution in environmental health, but yet feeling happy that my students could understand the importance of plants and trees in our life and for mother Earth”. This is how Sanjay Kumar, teacher of Alice Project, comments on the action of his students to plant some […]

Alice project, finally available the founder’s manual

Shining Hope is very happy to announce that the” Manual of universal ethics for teachers and parents” written by Valentino Giacomin and published by Terra Nuova is finally available! This is the manual that Valentino presented during the education conference held by the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya and represents the sum of more than 35 […]