Back to Italy, Part One

Valentino, on his return to Italy after 6 years of continued absence, was welcomed with an amazing affection and enthusiasm.
Childhood friends, supporters of Alice Project and new people curious to know the Project through its founder, gathered to celebrate and partecipate to his return.
The program was dense of intense emotions, difficult to explain in a brief relationship. Immediate feeling were born between the present, united by affection and admiration for Tino and sincere interest in collaborating for the good result of the Project. The feeling was to enter another dimension, made up of ancient, simple values, now largely lost. In the small village of Zero Branco we were able to fully breathe friendship, authenticity, desire to party all together. Simple but still so difficult values to find today. An unexpected gift, another great little miracle of Alice’s family.

Toni Gasparoni, president of Zero Branco’s cultural association “Under the same sky” and dear friend of Valentino since his youth, organized a special evening in the square dedicated to the return of his adventurous companion. There was a large number of zerotini populations and a large number of friends and supporters of the Alice Project that came from all over Italy and not only to wait for the founder’s return and to get the opportunity to know each other. During the evening Valentino’s life was traced through documents and testimonies that helped to understand this eclectic personality and the path that led to Alice’s Project. It was possible to understand the origin strongly rooted in the post-war Venetian world, a world of tireless work, authentic values, sense of the sacred. Beautiful was the projection of some local farm life movies made by Valentino during her journalist career. From these emerge deep sensitivity, great empathy and humanity, the ability to give a non-trivial reading of the facts and to capture the most authentic sense, continuous research: all the traits that will also peculiarly convey the experience with Alice Project. Throughmusic and theater , we came to the showing of the latest documentary on the Alice Project. A work by Norwegian director Oystein Rakkenes who effectively gave a picture of the current state of the Project in India and the philosophy of the Alice method.

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