Valentino Giacomin

Blissful Letter from Fabrizio, the official translator of His Holiness

Valentino received a message from Fabrizio, the official translator of His Holiness in Italy and India, very close to Richard Gere :

“The great Valentino Giacomin from a small Veneto village went to a small village in India and brought to light a larger project in the world. As the Dalai Lama has said he has put universal education into practice without getting lost in so-called scientific evidence and endless dialogues with professors and influential writers and thinkers of the intellectual world. In fact, if you compare the projects presented during the last meeting Mind and life that was held in Daramsala on the theme of education and above all organized by the American private universities that have large funds and sponsors and certainly do a lot of research, if you compare the work that They presented with the one played by Alice Project for at least thirty years … well … then you will realize that little David is not always stronger than Goliath, but he is a leader who must be followed and emulated … What a joy I feel, dear Valentino, when I attended online those meetings where all the great presented their experiments, programs and intentions that you have already practiced, experimented and made enjoy for more than thirty years …. what a joy .. ” (Fabrizio Pallotti)

Valentino’s answer:


But it does not make me fall into the trap of the ego, because, as I have repeated so many times, Alice’s research is fundamentally based and supported by an introspective and self-cognitive work that has, as a premise, the recognition of the Shadow. A difficult, painful, hard job, as B. Franklin said: “There are three really hard things: steel, diamond and knowing oneself.” Jung: “The most difficult journey of a human being is that which leads him within himself to discover who he really is. ”
Once confronted with their Shadow, there is very little room for pride, arrogance. There is only space for humility, forgiveness (towards ourselves), discretion, the suffering of our “beam” (of evangelical memory) to open ourselves to others with empathy, complicity, understanding. Without judgments, obviously. “He who knows others is wise; those who know themselves are enlightened, “said Lao Tzu. Here, the secret of Alice lies in this: we do not want to be “wise” like the rich barons of the universities to which Fabrizio mentions, but “enlightened”. Automatically, we will be of great benefit to others as well says Jung (one of the scientists of the psyche that I deeply admire): “Every meeting you make is an encounter with yourself; few seem to notice that others are theirs. ”

Thanks Fabrizio for giving me the opportunity to explain the true “secret of Alice”! A secret too difficult to share with the “wise” of “Mind and Life”!

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