Meeting with Alice

On May 31, a meeting was organized between Ms Ilaria Gambino, Valentino Giacomin, Graziella Zanoletti, friend and ambassador of the Alice Project, Antoine, great benefactor and Serge from Shining Hope. It was a great opportunity for them to be all reunited during Valentino’s retreat in a Buddhist center the South of France. Selected excerpts: ‘We […]

New Documentary about Alice Project

The second step was to make a documentary about the Alice Project methodology, which was successfully done by Mr. Oystein Rakkenes with Miss. Graziella Zanoletti. Mr. Rakkenes is a well known film maker who made a movie about the life of Kiran Bedi , India’s first lady IPS officer. This will help us to reach […]

Developing Alice project Educational Project Internationally

One of the main goals we have is to develop the Alice Project methodology internationally and train new trainers around the world. Having this goal in the mind, we already have taken two important steps. On October 2016, the first residential teacher training was successfully done. People from four different countries attended it. We experienced […]

Today’s Teacher Story : Guddu Kumar

Guddu Kumar, 23 years old, Math teacher in Bodhgaya School I have been teaching for five years at the Alice Project School. In the starting of my career my teaching method and Valentino sir’s teaching method were very different. When I used to teach the children in the way I have been taught, I found […]

The Story of Yogendra Pal, office in-charge in Sarnath

Hello,I am Yogendra Pal. Today I am very happy to share my experience and feelings with all of you. What I got and what I am still getting from Awakening Special Universal Education is wonderful. I am happy to get the chance to talk about my experience here. I got my admission in this school […]

Sudhakar’s experience as an English teacher

Sudhakar, 30 years old, English teacher & Trainer of Special English Method My name is Sudhakar and I was a student of the first batch of Alice Project. Now I am an English teacher and a trainer for Special Method of teaching English. It has been a wonderful experience for me learning and implementing the […]

Training for Alice Project Teachers

Valentino holds training courses for teachers at least once every two months from the time the schools started in India. The themes are chosen in the face of the need felt by teachers or students. A constant confrontation with teachers and students and continuous monitoring has allowed the extraordinary results that we all can see. […]

The Construction work at Bodhgaya School

The construction work of Bodhgaya is going on. It has been delayed but has never been completely stopped. It will be completed by the next academic year. The plastering work of the rooms, walls and the floors has been going. New bathrooms are also built on each floor. The wiring work is also being done. […]

Update about the new guestrooms at Sarnath

For developing financial stability an idea was developed to have a guest house connected with the Project. Last year in September, some renovations work was done where we started to convert some classrooms into four comfortable and refined guest rooms. The project was created by Miss. Graziella Zanoletti, a friend, the ambassador of the Alice […]