Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

This year has marked an important step for Shining Hope Foundation with the transfer of the UK foundation along with its supported activities and projects in Luxembourg. Shining Hope Foundation is now registered as Shining Hope Foundation asbl since October 16, 2017.

A year particularly intense, full of important events also for Alice Project as you will see from this Christmas Letter in which ample space is given to students.

In December 2017, Valentino, who was in France, came back to India after knowing that Alice Project had been chosen by HH Dalai Lama to organize an important event about Education. And HH Dalai Lamai told him these words: “You are doing in the field of Education what we wish.”

In the same period of time, famous American actor Richard Gere came and visited the school at Bodhgaya, while talking to Valentino, he made him realize that also America would need Alice Project.

In February 2018 all students in the X and XII classes had their final exams and the results were very satisfactory: 100% passed the X class exam and 96% the XII, while the national average was 72%.

On 24th June, a group of 70 students accompanied by the principal and ten teachers, travelling by train went to Dharamsala in the North of India, where, after 2 days, they received a private audience of HH The Dalai Lama.

After the summer holidays, in July, the school started again. In Sarnath School 200 new student were enrolled, from kindergarden to higher classes. In August, some students from the higher classes could follow the second International Training course for teachers mainly, held by Valentino and was orgnized at Sarnath School. There were 24 teachers from the three A.P. schools and some other teachers coming from abroad.

In September, around our Bodhgaya School, in 4 different temples, the people of the nearby villages completed the recitation of 100.000 Mantras together with our students in order to keep alive the spiritual part inside each of us.

We would like to underline a very important achievement: the University of Florence will work together with the Institute Don Milani of Tavernelle were Alice Project is applied since September. This is a great achivement for Alice Project because this research will help to give a more scientific approach and to spread the method.

Also this year Valentino came back to Italy for a training courses, to experiment the proposal of Alice Project in new contexts and to start a path structured in Public Italian Schools. In July he went, for the second time, to the “Cascina dei Ricostruttori” in Val di Vara, where he gave a 6 day training course attended by more than 40 people, mainly families with a big number of children.

The Project is becoming more and more autonomous also thanks to the increasing involvement of the teachers, the principal’s work, the staff and Ilaria who is continuing to coordinate all activities and manage the administrative part of the three schools. We would also like to thank the president, Mr Tsewang Tenzin for his involvement in organizing the big events in Bodhgaya first and then at Dharamsala.

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On behalf of all the Shining Hope Foundation team, I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas to all of you and your families.

Serge Saint-Arnoult


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