Clean up the environment, our students as actors of change in their families and villages

Also this year the Ambassador of Alice Project Graziella Zanoletti came to visit the schools of Sarnath and Bodhgaya and help us to set up new projects. Her first proposal just arrived was to involve the students of Alice more in the care of the environment and nature. As the Alice Project vision says, both the internal and external worlds are interconnected and one is the expression of the other: the external world is the replica of what we have inside us. For this reason Graziella has launched the proposal to work on ecology and social projects to help children to become actor of change in their families and villages. As first step the Alice Project residential students decided to do a deep cleaning of the area around the school and give an example to other students of the school and the villagers to be more aware about the nature or the external world giving a practical example.

Alice Project residential students during a deep cleaning of the area around the school

Graziella was impressed by the ebthusiasm with wich the young residents accepted the proposal and the energy they put into this task. Many villagers stopped during the cleaning operation to ask informations and to support and appreciate the work of the residents. After this the area remain clean and well maintain for long time and people showed more respect for this area. Not only outside the school, but also inside the school the students organized the area cleaning them and making them nice and more organized.

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