Construction works in Sarnath for Alice Project

New school building

The 3rd floor of the new building in the next campus is under construction and soon it will be completed. The laborers are working on daily basis so as to make the quick completion of the building.

Guest House floor

The operation of covering the ground floor of guest house with ceramic tiles has completed. The tiles are grey in color (wooden color) and a suitable match with the school’s environment. Painting the interior walls is finished and furnitures and home décor (wardrobe,closet,bed etc.) are fully set up. The rooms are ready for accommodation and are available for the guests. The guest rooms are designed in modern style and look very decorative and elegant.

Pizza Cafeteria in the school campus

A perfect place to go yummy yummy!. One can enjoy the delicious Italian Pizza, sitting comfortably in the school premises. We are now welcoming more and more groups of customers from outside. Also, we begin to get some orders from the monasteries around.

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