Copyright of Alice in India!

We are very happy to inform you all that after being recognized in America, now it’s the turn of India, thanks to our sponsors of Shining Hope we have our copyright. We dedicate this achievement to all of you friends, with whose untying help and support we are growing more and more.

Sharing this joy the Director of Alice Project Schools, Mr. Valentino Giacomin says: “This is a great achievement for our Society and our research project! We are becoming more and
more… professional. We dedicate this new success to all our Alice’s friends.”

Certificated issued by the government of India

The copy of the certificate issued by the government of India, which has been issued recently


Recently the Independence Day was celebrated with joy and happiness. On this occasion Mr. Sanjay Kumar ( Sanjay is one of our ex-students about whom we have been sharing in our previous newsletters, who was found by us in a juvenile house and now he has become a yoga therapist) hoisted the national flag as the chief guest and shared his experiences with us:

Sanjay Kumar the chief guest; addressing to the students and hoisting the flag on the Independence Day

“It is a great honour for me, an unforgettable moment of my life. I am feeling a deep gratitude and respect to Mr. Valentino ji, Miss Luigina ji, to all my teachers and every single member of Alice Project family for your kindness, love, care and the teachings that I received from you all. Today I have completed my Bsc course in Yoga therapy and now I am able to help many people and cure those who are suffering from several disease through yoga. It is a great achievement for me, but this would have never happened by your kind guidance that I received as a student here at the AP. School. Thank you very much for accepting me as your student and carving me in such way.”

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