What your £1 can do

… provide a blood test for one person

… provide a blood test for one school child

… provide treatment for one person at a mobile clinic

… provide an eye test for one school child

… provide football training for 1 school class in a remote primary school

… provide fruit and vegetable seeds for 1 family’s kitchen garden

… can buy a much needed toy or educational game for nursery school children

… provide one week of non-formal education for 2 women

To donate £1 now in two quick steps, it’s very simple.

About Shining Hope

Shining Hope Foundation currently partners with Karuna-Shechen, a non-profit humanitarian. We work primarily in the Indian region of Bihar – which rarely receives any charitable support. Here we initiate and oversee projects that will aim to provide health care, education, and social services for the under-served populations in the region. We work with selected projects for extended periods, usually three years, to help them develop so that they can continue their good work and implement real change, without the need for outside assistance.

To donate £1 now in two quick steps, it’s very simple.

Funds raised can be used to

Run free health care and mobile clinics, increase non-formal education and support the provision of training in solar engineering for illiterate grandmothers. The Shechen Medical Centre and Mobile Clinic in Bodhgaya, provides vital medical assistance, free heathcare services, health education and sanitation for some of the poorest people in India. Mothers and children represent 81% of the mobile clinic patients. Literacy and numeracy classes are provided for those women that have previously had no formal schooling, this project allows them to be able to search for employment and empowers them to contribute effectively to society. Illiterate women from remote villages in Bihar are sent to the

Barefoot College to train as solar engineers. This initiative introduces solar-powered electricity in their communities, in order for them to transform the lives of their friends and families for generations to come. Every little helps.
Shining Hope Foundation is a UK based charity which promotes sustainability and harmony between people, animals and nature. We support projects that are implemented by experienced partner organisations on the ground, with knowledge and expertise in the countries where they operate.


Shining Hope Foundation has no direct employees, with a generous donor covering all administrative costs, which means 100% of all donations go directly to its projects.

To donate £1 now in two quick steps, it’s very simple.