Ex alumni celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Alice Project in India

“Here they have taught us everything from how to dress to how to behave. But above all, they  taught us  ethics and awareness. And this has saved us many times in our lives”. These are the words of the ex-alumni on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Alice Project in India.

More than 300 former students of the first years, took part at the meeting and the great  participation of women was surprising. It was with great pleasure that we discovered that many of the little children belonging from very poor background became teachers, social workers, doctors, electricians, lawyers, professors and much more. But the most important thing is that they became satisfied and balanced people who were able to face the difficulties of life while keeping the light intact in their eyes as when they were children.

Waiting for them, along with all the school teachers and staff, were  Awnish, Neelam and Vinod, the 3 first teachers of Alice Project.

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