Sudhakar’s experience as an English teacher

Sudhakar, 30 years old, English teacher & Trainer of Special English Method

My name is Sudhakar and I was a student of the first batch of Alice Project. Now I am an English teacher and a trainer for Special Method of teaching English. It has been a wonderful experience for me learning and implementing the Alice Project Methodology.

Here every day is a new day and it gives us a new lesson of the life. As we all know that Alice Project is an educational research project, so we have been doing a research every day. The entire program is based on the experiment which leads us to go from the external existence towards the internal one, which actually are not two different identities. They are interdependent and one cannot be in presence without other. One of the things that I like more of my job is that every day I can learn something new from my students and this makes me more enthusiastic and curious.

I would like to say that in all these years we have seen a big improvement in the method of teaching. When I was a student the curriculum and the special program were seemed to be two different things, which were taught in two different moments. But now since some years, when we started the new method of teaching combining the normal curriculum together with the special program, the results are better and interesting.

Of course, the school has its affiliation by the state government; this is why we have to follow the regular syllabus and the curriculum. But we took it as an opportunity and started to think how to combine the normal curriculum with the special program to make the learning easier and faster.

The best way to find a method was instead of working out let us work inside the minds of the students. And keeping this concept of the mind, we invented new methodology of teaching math, English, History and other such subjects together with the exercise of awareness, concentration, visualization, and memorization. And we found wonderful results. Not only the learning of the students is better, but they are more concentrated, less aggressive, and more co-operative.This is what I am doing everyday with them and at the same time I am exploring my insight together with my students.

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