Girl Day

International Day of the Girl Child


Each year, International Day of the Girl Child is marked on the 11th October, an opportunity to recognise girls’ rights and the unique challenges that they face around the world, each and every day.  This year’s Day focused on “Innovation for Girls’ Education”.


A girl’s right to education is an essential need, and is a powerful force for girls and the societies in which they live.  It leads to everything from reduced mortality and fertility, to reductions in poverty, to improved engagement with civil society, better economic, social and cultural opportunities and greater empowerment.  Skills which stay with them throughout their lives.


The commitment of Shining Hope Foundation to girls’ education can be seen in the non-formal education programmes it supports in North East India, in partnership with Karuna-Shechen.  These programmes operate in six rural villages, an area of extreme deprivation.  With the aim of empowering these girls, Shining Hope and Karuna-Shechen provide skills in literacy, numeracy, personal health and life skills, as well as vocational training and access to education for years to come.


Founder and Trustee of Shining Hope Foundation Marie Saint-Arnoult said:


“International Day of the Girl Child is a day of celebration for the work being done around the world to improve the opportunities for girls; providing them with the education they need, and empowering them to become strong, happy and healthy members of society.  This is exactly what Shining Hope and its partner Karuna-Shechen are doing in India. 

“But it is also a day for us to refocus our efforts, and remember that there are still millions of girls throughout the globe that are oppressed, experience deep poverty, or are unable to develop and grow as human beings because their right to education is denied.”

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