Girl at Good Luck Ceremony

Good Luck Ceremony

On 4th March the school organized a farewell for the students of class X and XII. Actually instead of saying a farewell ceremony, we call it the good luck ceremony. Because we believe that there is never a farewell for a student form his/her school. The students are always welcome to the school and they will find us welcoming them with open hands and open hearts. Children thanked the school and the teachers with nice songs and poems for all they received from us. Some of them shared their experiences as well.
This is what our students say about us: “We will always miss Alice Project School and all our teachers”- Sanjay Kumar.
Today we are not just leaving our school but I feel as if I was leaving my own home. I do not know how the world will be after this… I request all my teachers, who are as our guardians not only teacher,to bless us so that wherever we go in the world people know us not by our name but with the name of Alice . Once again thank you for all.”- Rahul Singh
We will never forget this school. We thank all the teachers and staff of our school, who always helped us and supported us.” – says Manoj Patel


Student at Good Luck CeremonyBoy at Good Luck Ceremony


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