International Yoga day Celebration

Recently on 21st of June on the occasion of International Yoga day a Yoga workshop was organized at the Alice Project School. All the teachers, residential students and local people participated in it. Here we are sending you some images of the event. All the participants had a wonderful time together. The program was very successful. The famous Hindi newspaper Swatnra Chetana wrote about us.

On the international Yoga day, the Alice Project School, Ghurhoopur organized a Yoga retreat at its premises. The teachers, the staff, the students of the Schools, run by Alice Project, participated in it. The parents of these students also participated in it. All of them believed that Yoga is highly important for the physical and mental health, especially in this modern age. All they took an oath of regular practice of Yoga. The program was organized by the Yoga teacher Mr. Arun Kumar Shulka, and the school prinicpal Mr. Awaneesh Kumar Mishra. They thanked all the participants for their precious time.

The copy of the news article (left)The students of AP practicing Yoga

The copy of the news article (left) The students of AP practicing Yoga

Here we would happily like to share that Yoga is not something new for us. It is the Alice Project who started teaching Yoga for the first in its schools in 1998. In those days its people were unknown about it. And very few people were there, those who knew Yoga and for them Yoga was like a Gymnastic exercise. We were desperately searching a Yoga teacher for our students and after a long struggle and search, we could find only one teacher in those days who was living in another part of the city. He was the only person in Varanasi who used to teach Yoga. Generally he used to be very busy. So at first he only promised to come three days a week.

And now after all these years, we are the schools where we have the maximum number of qualified Yoga teachers. We have more than 25 skilled teachers who got the Yoga teachers training from the several well-known universities of India i.e. Bihar Yoga Bharti, Munger Bihar, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana – Bangalore and Banaras Hindu university , Varanasi. What’s more is that one of our students, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, hasrecently completed his bachelor degree course in Yoga and therapy from SVYAS- Bangalore.

Nowadays he has been doing his preparation for Master degree course.

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