Last day of the students of the Tibetan University

Wednesday March 28th was the last day of the students of the Tibetan University. They informed to the principal that tomorrow during the morning assembly, they wanted to thank to all the teachers, students and the entire Alice family, to letting them come here and attending the classes. The in charge of the students said that the students are very impressed about what they saw in the classes.

They said we are actually doing what they are taught in the training. But they have no where seen all the teachings being done practically. As in other institutions, everything is just being done in books and syllabus, but here all the teachers are doing everything practically. So it was a very impressive thing to see. They said that they new the Alice Project since long, but they did not know it as a research center. They had been thinking that we are just running a school. But seeing how the AP methodology is working they were so impressed that from now on they want to keep this going on in the next sessions as well. In fact the in charge, said that from next years they will come only to our centre. Not only this he said that they are going to write in their magazine and newsletters of the university about us. At the same time, the teacher said that he is going to meet Mr. PK Pandey,  who is in charge of Be Ed department there,  to recommend our school for his college also. He is running his own college in Varanasi with the name SHEPA. To send his students of B ed and M ed here at our school for the thesis’s. He was asking if he can get some of our publications to show to this KP Pandey. What do you suggest?

The teacher was saying that KP Pandey can be a nice person to make a kind of link with good institutions of India and Alice Project.

K.P. Pandey, Former Director, International Centre for Distance Education Learning of H.P. University, Simla (H.P.), Emeritus Fellow of UGC and former Vice-Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi is the Director of SHEPA. He is an eminent academics and a well known educational administrator. He holds M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. degree and TEP (Michigan of USA) under a Fulbright program of 1968-69. Prior to his joining of SHEPA he has headed a number of Departments, Divisions and Directorates of various Universities such as Meerut University (now Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut), Himachal Pradesh University, Simla (H.P.) and Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith (U.P.). He has designed, conducted and taught various application oriented professional courses in the areas of Teacher Education, Management and Computer Assisted Teaching and Learning (CALT). He has been a member and chairperson of numerous visiting committees set up by the apex level organizations in the country such as the NCTE, NCERT, NIEPA and the UGc. In addition to the national and international level research projects relating to ET, IT and value-based education he has to his credit the experience of guiding 105 Ph.D. researchers and authoring 30 books besides 50 monographs. In the year 2009, the All India Achievers Foundation, New Delhi honoured him by SHIKSHA BHARTI Puraskar, Life Time Achievement Award (with gold Medal) and Bharat Gaurav Award (with Gold Medal). 

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