Launch of programs in new villages

After several years of intervention in twelve different villages around Bodhgaya, Bihar, our local partner in India is extending its reach to six new villages. With the support of Shining Hope Foundation, the team will bring access to health, education, and social services to eighteen villages in total, as well as Bodhgaya.


In order to ascertain which of the poor villages surrounding Bodhgaya were in most need of our services, our team spent six months visiting, meeting, and holding discussions with the villagers.


The final selections were made on the 6th of February 2013, the program was then launched. Discover the new villages here.


The six new villages are

  • Bandha
  • Dema
  • Nawatari / Meghuvigha
  • Barsuddi
  • Kadal
  • Chando



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