Meeting with Ilaria and Graziella from Alice

On February 1st, coordinator of Alice Project, Ms Ilaria Gambino, introduced Graziella Zanoletti, friend and ambassador of the Alice Project and bio-geometric expert to the Shining Hope team by Skype. Graziella, who has been knowing Valentino for nearly 10 years now, helped with her qualified suggestions to create guestrooms offering balance to the energy-quality of the environment in Sarnath.

This Skype meeting was a great opportunity to discuss about the event for middle and high schools with HH Dalai Lama on January 25, 2018 in Bodhgaya and to collect Ilaria and Graziella’s impressions. Both could still not realize that this event actually happened!

Then, Ilaria and Graziella shared some more news about the new building construction project: 4 to 5 more guestrooms are going to be built, which would make a total of 10 rooms, with a hosting capacity of 20 persons (each guestroom being composed of 2 beds). The project of building a training center for the teachers in the future has also been mentioned. Ilaria explained within this context that a teacher training usually lasts 6 months before the teacher receives the official right and agreement to teach with the Alice Project label.

Graziella also shared with us some great news about the documentary directed by Mr. Oystein Rakkenes and Ms Zanoletti, ‘Valentino’s Emergency Education’: 25 more minutes are going to be added to the documentary!

Serge also express his wishes to meet Valentino in Toulouse at the end of February-beginning of March. This would also be an opportunity to meet Charles, the monk, he previously met on November 13th 2017. He also expressed his interest in visiting Alice with his son Xavier in October.

A meeting with Graziella and Serge is also going to be planned soon.

During the call, Sudhakar, one of Ilaria’s devoted colleague, introduced himself, and we had the wonderful surprise to get some greetings from the young students!

Happy students during the school games

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