Meeting with Alice

On May 31, a meeting was organized between Ms Ilaria Gambino, Valentino Giacomin, Graziella Zanoletti, friend and ambassador of the Alice Project, Antoine, great benefactor and Serge from Shining Hope.

It was a great opportunity for them to be all reunited during Valentino’s retreat in a Buddhist center the South of France. Selected excerpts:

We are happy to be linked to such a so nice project like Alice‘ – Serge Saint Arnoult

Dear Ilaria, my heart was full of joy and gratitude thanks to you , Valentino and the positive evolution of Alice. Your passion and commitment are inspiring.’ – Graziella Zanoletti

It was very good to meet all of you and to have chance to share personally about the Project. After our meeting I feel more energetic and inspired for the future work!‘ – Ilaria Gambino

Here’s some pictures of this wonderful day.


Graziella and Valentino

Reunited! Ilaria, Serge, Valentino, Graziella and Oystein


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