A moving testimony by a friend of Alice

A moving testimony by a friend (sponsor) of Alice, after the meeting at my village of Zero Branco.

Dear Valentino,
I have not made myself alive so I do not load too much the box of your mail, but I can not really shut up. What about these days so intense and rich that you made me live.
The friends in the square of your village, the reception from the Mayor and the evening with your ex-students who will go with them all the life impressions you left on them, in their minds and in their hearts. It was exciting and moving to listen to them.
The words of the young girl – who, “thanks to the visualization and memorizing technique” that you taught her, managed to overcome an incurable illness to our day – were almost surrealist.
Valentino, even if this was the only result – and certainly it is not – that you’ve got it with your passion, with the certainty of being right, it would already be a great thing. And it is big because she said that in the world, only two people have overcome the illness through this technique (that she has learnt from you, 30 years ago, when she was primary school student ) and she is one of these two. I told her she should write a book and she replied that she was thinking about it. I’d like to be in the next meeting.
Valentino, as you’ve noticed, staying at Zero Branco gave me a new energy…
Valeria Selleri from Belgium

Valeria is the first left on the photo above. Below, on the left of Valentino: the former student who is “controlling her brain disease” using the meditation technique she has learn when she was Primary school student

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