Nepal newsfeed: June 2015

JUNE 1ST, 2015

The relief operations are still in full swing. Karuna-Shechen is continuing to reach as many remote villages as possible to help isolated communities in desperate need of medical, relief and food aid.

Nepal continues to be rocked daily by 3-4 aftershocks and many districts are still affected by small landslides. As a result, roads to remote villages are extremely perilous.

The Roads Department said it expects bigger landslides with the start of the monsoon season. Many villages could soon be completely cut off from the rest of the world. It is therefore essential that we reach them as fast as possible.

With our network of local partners, and thanks to your generous donations, they have already reached and helped 78,767 people in 266 villages of the most affected districts.

Districts of intervention: Dhading, Nuwakot, Lalitpur, Sindupalchok, Kavre, Dolakha, Kathmandu, Rasuwa, Ramecchap, Bhaktapur, Gorkha.

Latest pictures from the field:


medical aid

JUNE 17, 2015

In Nepal, with the network of partners and since the first earthquake struck on April 25, Karuna-Shechen has helped 178.787  people in 477 villages, bringing essential medical, food, and relief aid to the most vulnerable populations.

beneficiariesWe have also implemented a special program for pregnant women and new mothers. In addition to their normal food rations, they receive iron, calcium and vitamin B supplements as well as extra nutritious food.

Close to 90% of our relief work is carried out by local people (volunteers and local partners) who have an excellent knowledge of the terrain and the communities we are helping. This has allowed to us to reach the most isolated and vulnerable as well as quickly assess and respond to their needs.

They are still concentrating our efforts on villages that do not fall within other NGO’s emergency priorities because of their size and isolation and on  communities who have little or no means of accessing relief funds and/or materials from donors. These communities represent a very large section of the affected population.

To learn more about the extent of the damage in different districts:

List of damage in affected districts

Next step: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

After the end of the monsoon in September, Karuna-Shechen will start the next stage of help: rehabilitation and reconstruction phase.

They will focus the efforts on programs that benefit communities as a whole. The teams are currently working on developing a medium and long term strategy.

Here is a brief outline:

-Support subsistence agriculture: creation of kitchen gardens in villages, distribution of seeds and livestock (goat and buffaloes etc.)

-Organizations of first aid training courses for villagers (2000 per year) .

-Reconstruction of water supply systems and rainwater harvesting systems.

-Reconstruction of damaged schools

-Fighting and preventing human trafficking



News from the Schools Karuna-Shechen supports

Although none of the small community schools they support were destroyed in the two earthquakes, the continuing aftershocks have now caused extensive damage to two of them.

In Tarkeshwori School, Ramechhap district, the entire school building has been damaged. Initial small cracks have now developed into major fractures and the school has now been classified as uninhabitable by the Education Department. Temporary shelters for classrooms have been erected so that classes can start again.

At Sundarimai Primary School, Kavre district, because of safety concerns due to extensive damage, two classrooms as well as the administration office room have been moved to temporary shelters.

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