Previously, Shining Hope Foundation supported the NGO Hutan from 2010 to 2012. Hutan is a French NGO located in Kinabatangan, Borneo, Malaysia. It carries out orangutan research and conservation, and it also helps local communities participate in this beautiful venture.

It was founded in 1996 by Dr Isabelle Lackman, primatologist, and Dr Marc Ancrenaz, wildlife veterinarian. HUTAN’s mission to develop harmonious interactions between wildlife and people sharing the same habitat and using the same ecosystems. In 1998, HUTAN established in collaboration with the Sabah Wildlife Department the KOCP, the Kinabantangan Orang utan Conservation Project. They now work with a range of partners such as research institutions, local communities, government agencies, and the private sector, in order to find realistic solutions for the sustainable use of natural resources, durable socio-economic development, and the conservation of wildlife and its habitat.

The project is run entirely on local staff. HUTAN always employs staff directly from the local communities in which they operate, to ensure that financial benefits coming from the project contribute to the local economic development and thereby support community-based conservation efforts.

Dr. Isabelle Lackman is the president of HUTAN and co-director of the KOCP, a community-based programme active in wildlife research, conservation and community development. She is a scientific advisor to the Sabah Wildlife Department and the Borneo Conservation Trust, and a board trustee for Leap Conservancy Sabah (Land Empowerment Animal People). She is also a board member of the Borneo Rhino Alliance. She has a BSc and an MSc from University Paris VII, and a PhD from the National Museum of Natural History, Paris. She has an extensive background in wildlife biology, research and management, community conservation and capacity building. She can also boast about a working experience of 16 years in a range of wildlife countries. Dr. Isabelle has published a large number of articles in international journals and presented papers at many conferences. She has been living in Sabah since 1998.

Dr. Marc Ancrenaz is the Co-Director of HUTAN. Marc is an official advisor for to the Sabah Wildlife Department, the Borneo Conservation Trust, and is part of the executive Committee of the IUCN SSC Great Ape Section of the Primate specialist group. He is a wildlife biologist and veterinarian with 20 years of experience in Africa, Saudi Arabia and Borneo. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals such as PLOS Biology, Nature, and Animal Conservation, and is a reviewer for several scientific journals.

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