Selecting Meaningful Projects

Shining Hope Foundation supports projects that are implemented by experienced partner organisations on the ground, with knowledge and expertise in the countries where they operate.

We are guided by the values of compassion, sustainability, and transparency when selecting our projects, all of which promote sustainability and harmony between people, animals and nature.

We follow a clear Grant-Making Policy procedure, including evaluation by independent consultants, whilst meeting Shining Hope’s holistic objectives.

We support one project at a time, targeting our ressources over a period of three years, to ensure maximum impact and long term sustainability.

All of our projects are audited in the field to ensure full transparency to our donors.


Submit your project

We’re always keen to learn more about ways to spread our support around the world. If you wish to apply for a grant, and your organisation meets the values and focus of Shining Hope, please contact us.

Please note that currently we have selected our partner until 2018. You are still welcome to apply and we will study your application.

Thank you for your interest.


Screening by Objective Specialists

All our projects are evaluated by independent professional consultants. They are also audited in the field to ensure the maximum transparency to our donors.


pnciOur professional consultant for HUTAN is Erik Meijaard, from PNCI People and Nature Consulting International in Jakarta. He runs the terrestrial branch of PNC International. He has an academic background in tropical ecology and a PhD in biological anthropology. Since 1992, Erik has worked in Indonesia on a range of different forest conservation programs. Subsequently, Erik worked for several international NGOs and research organizations including WWF-Netherlands and the Center for International Forestry Research, where he was instrumental in the development of new conservation strategies and initiatives, including launching the Heart of Borneo idea. At the same time he was also closely involved with developing and implementing USAID-funded orangutan conservation programs, first as chief of party, later as Kalimantan coordinator and conservation strategy planner.


wiseWISE Philanthropy Advisors have supported us by bringing their expertise, in particular in the initial selection of Karuna Shechen. WISE  has been created in 2004 to support donors and foundation in their philanthropic endeavor and help them to achieve the highest possible impact. More on