Punctuality, Dedication Sharing, and Collaboration: the three points to follow for the new school year

Today is the first day of school for the students in India. The students of Alice Project started the day with the morning prayers, sharing the experience of the summer holidays, then the Trataka meditation (practicing to keep the attention focused on one point) was proposed to the students. After this all the children sang the mantras and  the ceremony concluded with the dedication and the Shanti Path (the universal prayer for peace).

On this occasion the principal, mr. Awaneesh Kumar Mishra, welcomes the students for the first day of the school and while talking to them he shared the following message: “Let us make a new start. On this day I would like to share with you the key of success. They are: Punctuality, Dedication Sharing and Collaboration.

Be punctual means following the rules and regulations, realize the value of time, the people who are around us, the nature and materials which we have. Then we should be co-operative and sharing. Punctuality also means not to be lazy, as laziness makes us dull and which stops us to reach till the success. Sharing does not mean only giving some materials, sharing has a higher level; one can share the duties, or can help someone in performing their duties. Information can be also shared. Which means the old students can share the information specially  to the new students  who have get admission recently  as they are new here they will need you help in several ways like: when they need to know where is their classroom, the play ground or where to go for water or to some offices…Then the other thing is to be punctual, punctuality makes us ready to perform our duties properly.  At the same time, we should have dedication and collaboration, to be ready to help ourselves as well as to others. So let us take this motivation that we will try our best to be as much as possible punctual, dedicated , sharing and collaborative with each other and will try to do the best use of our time”.

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