Renovating residential space in Sarnath

Among the different goals of Shining Hope Foundation there is also to ensure stability to the 3 school buildings of Alice Project that we support in India. For this reason it is very important for us that the places of study meet the needs of the students. This year, thanks to our donors, and after successfully making the new school building and creating new guestroom for the training center project, we decided to put our attention on the renovating of the residential space. The new dining hall which was awaiting for long had been completed in March and is now being used by the residential students to enjoy their meals comfortably, as you can see in the pictures underneath. A special fire puja was also conducted maintaining the tradition as to remove the negative energy of the place. In India, it’s a tradition to conduct some rituals before starting a new task or inaugurating something.

Students having meals at the new dining hall

Students participating in the fire Puja

Even the girls rooms was renovated, using the principles of bio geometry. Priority has been given to the construction of the new bathrooms. We will move to have only 2, to have 6 toilets and showers separated and corresponding to current hygiene and safety standard. In addition to this, the spaces have been modified to have larger and brighter environments and the walls have been painted with very beautiful colors. Now the hostel is about to be completed and it is completely different from before in terms of beauty and functionality.

The room of girls after the painting and renovation



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