Valentino Giacomin

Retreat of Mr. Valentino

We would like to share that Mr. Valentino is doing a special retreat called Nuy Ne in France.  It will last for seven months. The purpose of the practice is: of course the personal benefit but the reason which is higher than his personal benefit is for the Alice Project to remove obstacles and interference. It was a pleasure for him to meet Father Titiano, who personally went there to meet him.

Here is what he says after meeting him:

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of receiving a visit from father Tiziano Tamussi, a priest from “I Ricostruttori nella Preghiera“.” Father Tiziano came to visit the schools of Sarnathand Bodhgaya two years ago. Students welcomed him with a lot of sympathy and admiration for his simplicity, his humility and, especially, for his guitar with which he taught some songs to our students.”

Valention meeting Father Tiziano and Ilaria Gambino

Valentino meeting Father Tiziano(a jesuit priest) and Ilaria Gambino (Co-ordinator Alice Project)

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