The Story of Yogendra Pal, office in-charge in Sarnath

Hello,I am Yogendra Pal.

Today I am very happy to share my experience and feelings with all of you. What I got and what I am still getting from Awakening Special Universal Education is wonderful. I am happy to get the chance to talk about my experience here.

I got my admission in this school when I was seven years old and from that age till now I am with Alice Project. I started and completed my studies here and I can say that this school has not only given me good knowledge of books but also some tools and experiences that never I could get outside. After completing class XII, in 2012, I got the opportunity to work for Alice Project. I started to work as a teacher and office in charge. I got also the opportunity to go to Italy, in Ravello, and to work for one month in a Pizzeria. Now I can make real Italian pizza and I am in charge also for this.

During these years I got many training form Valentino and Luigina. They never stop to train us and to teach us different important skills. I feel that one of the most important thing that we can have here, is the possibility to learn through the high experience of Valentino and through the example of life that he is giving to us. I love to work for Alice, because here the atmosphere is peaceful and friendly. We do not look the watch during working hours because we feel we are working at home and with friends. When it is Sunday often I came to the school because I miss this atmosphere. My bigger passions are to work in office and to cook. For this reason since 2015 I am working fully as office in charge. From July 2016 Ilaria arrived in the school as coordinator and I started to work with her.

The school appointed also a new accountant form Varanasi and she is guiding me properly and suggesting how to do all these. Since they are here I could improve a lot and became more professional. It is very important to be always updated about the current situation, because we are working in a country that is changing a lot and in a very fast way. The Government is creating a lot of new rules and the only chance to survive is to be very serious and punctual. For this reason we all are studying and improving ourselves. On 4th November I went with Ilaria to attend a very interesting training in Delhi. The topic was FCRA. It was very interesting experience and I felt more confident after it.

We are a big family and everyone is doing is part for the good result of the Alice. Since I had directly experienced I believe that this method could really help the children to became aware and responsible. I feel very lucky that we have chance to improve and to spread it and I will do my best to reach this important goal.

Yogendra & Ilaria

Yogendra making Pizza

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