Alice Project Conference in Trieste

On September 20, Gloria Germani presented to Ilaria, Agata Montevecchi (The responsibles for the Friuli NGO) and Valentino to the friends interested to know about Alice Project and engaged in the research of alternative forms of education. On the 21st of September, Valentino, Ilaria and Agata met a group of teachers and parents of the […]

Alice in Florence

Several events have been organized  in Italy in September, after the returning of Valentino and Ilaria from India (September 11th), to introduce the Project, its vision and methodology. One of the most important has been the soiree organized by the writer Gloria Germani in her beautiful cinema in the center of Florence, on the occasion […]

Finally the residential students of our hostel!

The hostel of the Alice Project Sarnath has become bigger now, actually the students of Bodhgaya branch have arrived here at Sarnath School. We have organized an intensive lesson program for them, so that they can do a better preparation for their exams which is going to happen soon. They like this new way of […]
Teachers of AP

New teachers at the Alice Project Schools

We would like to thank all of our teachers for their collaboration, without them the Alice Project would have been only in the books and newsletter. It is only because of all of their untiring effort, patience, the love and care that they are giving to the students and their solidarity that the school is […]

New Experiment on Math with the students

No books, some lights and two dozen rocks… Valentino We are making a new experiment with two groups of kindergarten students. Out of these two there is a class where the teacher proposes a traditional teaching while the other one is working with a teacher who is working with them according to the AP methodology. […]
Gayatru Mantra Chanting

Third recognition for Alice

The recent good news for Alice’s friends : Alice Project is going to receive the third prestigious award from Sampuranand Sanskrit University of Benaras. The Motivation of this event will be : “The value and commitment of Alice’s researchers in a thirty-year search – unique and successful – for the creation of a new educational […]

We will make our school teasing and bullying free!

This is a promise which all the students of the Alice Project School made to each other during the lessons of special program. Actually time to time we make an anonymous test with our students how are they feeling at AP. We are conscious about the problems of the modern students which they are facing […]

Copyright of Alice in India!

We are very happy to inform you all that after being recognized in America, now it’s the turn of India, thanks to our sponsors of Shining Hope we have our copyright. We dedicate this achievement to all of you friends, with whose untying help and support we are growing more and more. Sharing this joy […]