The annual exams at the Alice Project School

As every year, also this year the annual exams started on the 12th of this month which will go on for one week. Children are very excited and happy for the end of the session and the starting of the new one. We congratulate to all the students of Universal Education Higher Secondary School- Alice […]

Into the life of Bihari women

  On our visit to Dema, near Bodhgaya, we have met the group of around twenty women studying Non-Formal Education (NFE). These women have never gown to school and they are now learning to read and write. They read the local newspaper daily and discuss it together. We had an interesting exchange with them.   […]

Non Formal Education for illiterate women

Non formal education (NFE) is for illiterate women who have had little or no formal schooling. The idea is to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills. Something as simple as this can enable a woman to seek employment and open her own back account. There are 18 non-formal education centres organised by Karuna-Shechen.   We […]